Waysight Analysis Server graph viewing screenshot

Example of the Waysight Analysis Server graphing interface

Waysight Analysis Server

To make it easy to analyze traffic and vehicle properties on roads, in parking lots or garages using one of our LPR solutions without advanced installation and configuration of special software on your IT-system, we have developed a cloud-based analysis server that can receive plate reads from your cameras, letting you visualize statistics from the data through a modern fluid web-based graphing module. This makes it very easy to get started even for large installations – put a tick in a checkbox in each camera’s Settings page, login to our server and you get instant access to a wide variety of statistics.

The graphs are customizable to suit your demands, including advanced filtering of the dataset, and the view page can be configured to contain any number of graphs of preset data types. The graphs can be linked, even at different scales, giving a very intuitive way of exploring the data. If you have many cameras deployed in a city, you can input their geographical locations into the analysis server and it will overlay the traffic flow or travel times on a map.

In addition, for countries where it is supported, we can automatically run your plate statistics through the local national vehicle registry to present geographical maps that illustrate the distribution of vehicle origins that have passed by each camera registered by you in the cloud service as well as present graphs of more detailed parameters of passing vehicles like vehicle weight and CO2 emissions.

At any time, or at predefined intervals such as every week, a PDF summarizing the last time periods traffic flow of your choosing is generated and sent to you by email or downloadable on the server.

The resulting continuously fresh, aggregated, searchable database of vehicle parameters is useful for many purposes including:

  • Municipal city planning
  • Road agency planning
  • Environmental studies
  • Marketing studies at shopping centre parking lots and garages
  • Travel-time and congestion statistics live data feeds

Our dedicated LPR cameras and our embedded LPR ACAP application for Axis IP cameras are easily interfaced with the Waysight Analysis Server.

Please note that this product is currently not available for subscriptions

Waysight LPR Analysis Server traffic geographical visualization screenshot

Example of geographically tagged data visualization on the Waysight Analysis Server