Waysight LPR ANPR standalone camera

Waysight LPR Camera

The Waysight Integrated LPR Camera is a dedicated digital surveillance camera for outdoor mounting, especially designed to capture license plates from vehicles travelling at any speed up to 180 km/h, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in winter as well as in summer. It has its own built-in infrared illuminator and patter-recognition processor to handle the License Plate Recognition. The Waysight Camera is very small, easily mounted, can communicate both over wire or through a mobile network and has a market-leading Green low power consumption due to highly efficient illuminator design and algorithm optimization.

The camera┬ácan upload the read plates including images of them to your server without installing any special LPR server-side software, or to the Waysight Analysis Server if you don’t have an IT-system to handle it.

This camera is typically used to monitor highways where vehicles move at high speed, where night-time illumination can’t be guaranteed or generally in applications that need to prioritize ultimate quality of the license plate recognition over seeing overview images of the vehicle markings and driver (as these are less visible under infrared illumination).

Currently this product is no longer for sale, we recommend instead using an Axis camera with our LPR ACAP plugin software.

Waysight LPR Camera snapshot